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We are building a good bank* for good people

*We are in the application process to become a bank in the UK.

In Heyman AI, we’re creating a new consumer-focused digital bank to disrupt the industry, with our groundbreaking technology, wide spectrum product offering as well as agile and hands-on approach


About Us

With our innovative and insightful technology, we strive to enhance bank customers’ everyday experiences. We are a diverse group of banking and technology professionals with a proven track record in financial services, payment systems and fundraising. Our incredible team of technology is working to bring Heyman to the forefront of the industry. Our technology will ensure more secure and efficient banking operations and facilitate the rapid delivery of product features and services. 


What we do?

Heyman is creating a fully-fledged digital-only bank providing accessible and easy banking products. Deployment of the latest technology will be a crucial factor in differentiating us from incumbent banks by creating a more secure and efficient IT infrastructure and operating model. 

Our robust and secure microservices architecture facilitates time and cost-effective development of new features, the release of new products and platform improvements enabling more effective use of cloud services

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